About Us

Yachting Solutions is not a boating company. We are not a yacht brokerage. We are not a restoration company. We are not a boatyard.  

While,  in addition to our new Company Store we have all of those components, Yachting Solutions is a way of life that connects, on a very personal level, to the way our clients want to live on the water.

This introductory site was conceived as a resource for yacht owners to access the best gear from around the globe.  Our background is in the Mega Yacht industry.   Most of our crew members worked for years as crew members on some of the world’s largest yachts in a variety of disciplines as captains and mates, deckhands, bosuns, interior staff, stewardesses and chefs, and are now working on land in one of the branches of our business.  When we started our own boatyard company 10 years ago, catering mostly to the owner-operator, we noticed all of the great gear we found on board the large yachts we used to work on as professional crew,  wasn't available in the smaller boat marketplace.  The major marine box stores typically carry everything one can imagine marine.  However, boutique and specialty items, the types of items that are just the perfect solutions to everyday yachting, or items that represent only the best or highest quality, are usually not part of their inventory.  "Specialty outfitters for the yachting enthusiast",  you might say, bringing you the best and most interesting products in the Mega Yacht industry today, now available for your boat!

We hope you enjoy our store!

Bill and Chris