The Ditch Kit: Offshore Series
$ 2,299.00

The Ditch Kit: Offshore Series

The Offshore Series is designed for coastal or offshore cruising. This ditch kit is excellent for island hopping, weekend fishing trips or just cruising along coastal waterways. This ditch kit features all the necessary signaling and communication gear to effectuate a timely rescue wherever you may be. The Offshore Series exceeds the US Coast Guard safety requirements for signaling devices.

Customized Pelican brand hard case with lid organizer, SOLAS reflective tape, lanyard with spare rescue whistle, submersible flashlight, water activated strobe, and patent pending internal lanyard and retention system. The Offshore Series kit includes:


Weight: 24.5 LBS. Loaded

Buoyancy Max: 50 LBS.

Exterior Dimensions: (L x W x D) 18.50” x 14.06” x 6.93”

Base Kit Includes:

  • Customized Pelican Case 1500 with SOLAS reflective tape, external Lanyard with whistle and submersible flashlight , water activated strobe, and our Patent applied for lanyard and retention system. Custom reflective content list sticker

· Personalized content list and custom engraved name plate with Captain/Owners name, vessel name and/or vessel registration number· Personal Locator Beacon (optional)Submersible / Floating VHF Radio (optional)· Marine first aid kit· USCG approved food rations (2) 2400 calorie in 200 calorie barsUSCG approved water ration (QTY. minimum 7 of 4.227oz water pouches)· SeaPack Desalinating pouch· USCG approved emergency fishing kitAerial flares (QTY.4)· Hand flares (QTY.2)· Orange hand smoke (QTY.2)

Repair Kit includes:

Stainless steel multi tool

Clip on LED light

Crazy Glue

2 part epoxy putty

Electrical tape

Duct tape

Knife sharpener

·Folding Stainless Steel Rescue Knife· fire starter modules with sparker

50 feet orange 550 paracord· Dye marker· Waterproof / Windproof matchesWindproof lighter· Gallon size zip lock bags (QTY.2)· 4 feet tin foilEmergency survival blanket· Red and Green LED lights· Insect repellantSunscreen· Lip Balm· Jelly Fish Sting ReliefDramamine· Whistle· Submersible flashlightGlow sticks (QTY.4)· Plastic zip ties (QTY.12)· Spare “AAA” and “AA” batteries (QTY.4 each)Waterproof note pad· Waterproof pen· Compass


Kits are customizable. Call us for details.